Texas Hold’em Poker Terms Every Player Should Know

An important part of learning Texas Hold’em and becoming a good player is about understanding the terms that are used to describe certain aspects of the game during a hand. Furthermore, when you know what the terms mean, you’ll know what is happening as a spectator if you ever decide to watch a game being played live, on television, or in some of the best casino movies, like “Rounders,” “Casino Royale,” and “Ocean’s 11.”

Also, keep in mind that knowing the terms for Hold’em is only one part of learning the game. In addition, you also need to make sure that where you play is safe, reputable, and will offer the best experience. Choose a reputable site like William Hill Poker. To learn more about this gambling operator you can check out this William Hill article.

The following are some of the Texas Hold’em poker terms every player should know:

Buy-in – You need to buy a minimum number of chips when sitting down at a selected table.

All-in – This is when you bet all of your chips, either because you don’t have enough chips to meet the required bet or in a strategic move when playing a no-limit game.

Blinds – There is a Small Blind and a Big Blind. These are two forced bets that must be made by two players. The player directly to the dealer’s left covers the small blind (half the amount of the minimum bet) and the big blind (the full minimum bet) is posted by the player directly to the left of the small blind player. Blinds ensure that money is always in the pot.

Face up – cards that are deal that are visible to all players.

Face down – cards dealt but remain concealed.

Flop – The 3 face-up community cards that are dealt simultaneously and are the first three cards on the board. 

Community cards – The cards that are face-up on the table and shared by all players of the game.

Hole cards – concealed cards in a player’s hand.